starfish-and-coffee3 asked:

Does your bunny have full range to your house? if so, how do you keep her from chewing everything?

She does! We call her a “free range” bun :) We were lucky enough to move to our current place after having Laela for a few years. So, when we moved in we arranged the house with rabbit proofing in mind - minimal cords at rabbit level (with all that are in cord protectors), no real “chewable” furniture (Laela leaves everything ikea alone!), and baby gates strategically placed to keep her out of the kitchen. But, we’ve also accepted that there are some things we will find chewed - like the time we went on vacation and our rabbit sitter reported finding Laela sitting on the bed chewing our pillow cases!


Those of you who have bunnies-


What or who are your buns named after, why did you give them the name that they have, and do they have adorable nicknames?

Laela’s named after the Eric Clapton song “Layla”! We decided to spell it with an “ae” after the Arabic spelling. Her main nickname is “Laelers”, but we also tend to call her “fatty” “the chumbsters” and “chunkers”. I’m not sure why, because she’s not overweight, but we roll with it.